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This is my latest WIP personal project. Just an outlet for me to learn new skills, polish up old ones and have fun outside of work.
I'm calling it "Near-Futurescapes" and the idea is to illustrate a series of scenarios representing plausible near future solutions for different industries and services where technology can be embedded into the experience in a seamless way.
The project stems from asking myself the question; “What if?” These explorations will be based off of literature I’m currently reading, actual places or settings and personal experiences. Part of my New Year’s resolutions is to work more on my craft so I’ll try to dedicate some time for these over the next year. Let me know what you think!
1. Transportation: 
Urban real estate is expensive and hard to come by. What if we stop thinking about transportation on a single plane and for a single use? What happens when we go vertical and design multi-purpose infrastructure, flexible enough to house different services that evolve as user needs change over time?

BTW. Did you guys know that the Bay Bridge used to have a train on the lower deck up until the 50’s?

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