Consumer Products

After working on furniture and interior spaces for a few years after college, I realized that I wanted to broaden my design expertise and explore new avenues in the field. This led me to go back to school to pursue a graduate degree in Interdisciplinary Design. The program was a game-changer for me, providing me with a diverse range of design knowledge and tools to tackle complex design challenges. The learnings from this experience prepared me for a career in design consulting and opened doors to some of the world's renowned agencies like frog design and Fjord (Now Accenture Song). I've had the opportunity to work on multiple consumer products across different industries such as entertainment, fitness and audio. My interdisciplinary approach allows me to bring a unique perspective to each project, resulting in innovative and tangible design solutions. Click below to see some work samples:

The Band
Meta 2 AR Dev Kit
Amps Air+
Olive Smart Bracelet
Freestyle Wireless
Revl Action Cam
Sage Oven
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