The Tori Tori restaurant is considered one of the best Japanese restaurants in Mexico and back in 2012 it was looking for a newer and bigger home. So it moved to a bigger location in the same area of Polanco, Mexico City, where Rojkind Arquitectos and Esrawe Studio teamed up to make it happen.
As part of the Esrawe team, I was involved in the interior and custom furniture design of the space. The design was inspired by traditional, minimal Japanese design while keeping true to the Studio's modern style. Different pieces were developed to create a special setting for each space. A custom collection of chairs, sofas, counters, storage units and tables where created, for both exterior and interior use.
Tori Tori Restaurant was recognized by Architectural Digest as one of the best restaurant designs for 2012.
Architecture: Rojkind Arquitectos
Furniture and Interiors: Esrawe Studio
Creative Director: Ricardo Casas
Industrial Designers: Alejandra Castelao, Ian Castillo, Karianne Rygh
Interior Architects: Basia Pineda, Marcela Muñoz
This boutique hotel is located in central Oaxaca, just 300 metres from Santo Domingo Church. The Francisco Toledo-designed fountain in the cactus-walled rear patio, and individually -designed suites are the result of a very fruitful collaboration with a group of renowned, local Oaxacan artists and sculptors. A badly kept historical villa was completely refurbished to give way to a high-end, 20-room, intimate stay. The project was completed in 2011.
Furniture and Interiors: Esrawe Studio
Creative Director: Héctor Esrawe
Industrial Designers: Alejandra Castelao, Ian Castillo, Andrés Villa Torres
Interior Architects: Basia Pineda
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