Forward Medical Clinics
Named one of Time Magazine's best 25 inventions of 2017, Forward is a Healthcare startup in San Francisco, headed by entrepreneur and ex-Google Exec Adrian Aoun. Forward is a new kind of doctor’s office, bringing together world-class doctors with advanced technology to manage your health and your goals proactively. Forward stands for better quality, better access, and a better experience. Forward members have continuous access to our medical team via an app. 
Building the entire system and environment from scratch allowed the team to completely re-envision how healthcare can be delivered by bypass some of the issues other health institutions struggle with due to dated tech, grandfathered-in systems and an ongoing dependency on insurance companies. 
I joined the team at a very early stage so I had the opportunity to shape the physical embodiment of the original idea from scratch. During my two years at Forward, I lead both the Space and Industrial Design efforts creating the building blocks and design principles for the company through a series of projects including a prototype clinic, fully functional showroom, mobile showroom and brick and mortar locations. On the Industrial Design side, I lead the development of our custom body scanner, and in-room touch screens as well as other devices used by the medical team, throughout the space—all of which were prototyped, and tested by our internal team.  
Expansion Lead (space): Dan Malpas
Lead Designer & Creative Direction (space): Alejandra Castelao
Industrial Designer (custom devices): Alejandra Castelao
Mechanical Engineer (custom devices): Taylor Roan
Architecture Agency: Balian Architects and AJ-A