XR Experiments

Immersive experiences that look beyond the confines of a screen to converge the physical and digital worlds are changing the way we connect with people and consume information. As digital eyewear devices, chipsets and components shrink in size, Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality technologies come of age. Bringing with them incredible potential to envision meaningful and immersive experiences. Even when it may be early for full implementation, we should make it a priority to learn, explore and prepare for a Metaverse that is still nascent.
Over the past few years I've been diving more and more into XR. From creating content in virtual and augmented reality to driving usability testing and ergonomics studies in extended realities. Ultimately, I believe designers with experience designing for the real world can be integral in reimagining and facilitating the translation of those experiences into the virtual world. After all, you'll be better off learning the laws of physics so you can know how to bend and sometimes break them. I believe these new tools can be leveraged to enhance our capabilities as designers to produce captivating assets and enhance our skillset as well as envision captivating experiences that users will enjoy in the same medium.

Gravity Sketch, Shapes XR, Sculptor VR, Quill & Meta Horizon Worlds
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