I'm a Creative Design Lead with 15 years experience and a proven track record of helping Fortune 500 companies and early-stage startups bring their ideas to life. With a background in Industrial and Interdisciplinary Design, I am skilled in designing experiences at the intersection of physical, digital and immersive.

Currently I lead Accenture Song's Connected Products & Spaces team, providing creative direction to multidisciplinary teams on a variety of projects. From C-Suite workshop facilitation, design research and usability testing to crafting end-to-end 
physical and immersive spatial experiences and consumer products, overseeing all stages of the design process. 
I see a successful design process as always flexible and iterative. It’s a general framework that can be adapted to suit the specific needs and requirements of any project. 
Coming from a multidisciplinary background I adapt my own process to lead the design of compelling experiences regardless of the desired output by learning the tools of the trade, orchestrating across multiple disciplines and familiarizing myself with the technology, industry and target market. This allows me to work on programs across the physical, digital and/or immersive spectrum.
When it comes to creating new experiences that leverage emerging tech, there is usually a gap between strategic thinking and tactical building and development. This is the role I try to fill. 
Utilizing visual communication skills and my interdisciplinary background, I help connect the dots between stakeholders and strategic leadership with multidisciplinary build teams to reduce iteration loops and create engaging experiences that meet the needs and expectations of users.
How industrial designers can become “The Bridge” between physical & digital: In search for the missing link between physical and digital that will enable more meaningful and tangible experiences.
Click on the image above to learn a bit more about some of my thoughts on how industrial designers are critical in envisioning and executing end-to-end experiences.

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Rapid Prototyping in Virtual Reality
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Accenture Song (Formerly Fjord)
NA Industrial Design Craft Lead | Spatial Experience Design Manager
2019 - Today

Industrial Design Lead
2018 - 2019

Industrial + Space Design Lead
2016 - 2018

Frog Design
Senior Industrial Designer
2012 - 2016

Olive Labs
Industrial Design Lead
2013 - 2014

Industrial Designer

Diablo Design
Industrial Designer 

Esrawe Studio
Industrial and Furniture Designer 
2008 - 2010
Facilitating initial executive alignment and ideation sessions, translating abstract strategic ideas into tangible assets and leading multidisciplinary teams of developers and 3D artists in the creation of immersive experiences for the future of enterprise collaboration.
Envisioning, designing and shipping concierge primary care clinics, including interior and furniture design as well as custom hardware devices like interactive, large-scale touch screens and vital metrics body scanners utilized inside the health clinics. 
Creating design standards, guidelines and documentation for the deployment of health clinics and managing both internal and external contractors and agencies.
Working on end-to-end programs from initial research and ideation to prototyping and documentation for fabrication of wearable products, audio devices and AR/VR/XR headsets as well as furniture and spaces.
Designing and facilitating executive alignment workshops as well as the synthesizing and documenting insights to inform user-centered service and strategy design programs. 

INDUSTRY: Healthcare User Experience & Spatial Design, Consumer Hardware, Wearable Product Design, Retail & Hospitality Space Design, Virtual Reality Usability Testing and Modeling.
SKILLS: User Research & Ethnography, Workshop Design & Facilitation, Design Strategy, Physical UX, Product Design, Interior Design, Spatial Design, Storytelling, Sprint Design and Planning, Ideation and Sketching, Rapid Prototyping, Digital and Virtual Reality Modeling and Visualization, Creative Direction, Mentoring.
TOOLS: Adobe Suite, Rhino, Blender, Keyshot, Twinmotion (Unreal Engine), Gravity Sketch, Quill, Shapes XR, Horizon Worlds, Mesh (RIP AltSpace), Spatial.io, Midjourney, Runway, ChatGPT, Adobe Aero (AR), Sketchup, Kuula, Figma, Sketch, Mural, Miro, Jira
OUTSIDE OF WORK: As the former Chair of the Women in Design IDSA SF Chapter, I am deeply passionate about mentorship and its power to help women navigate the challenges we face in the tech industry.
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