Forward Pop-Up Clinic
Having opened our first site on January 2017 and with our second one coming later that Fall, we began developing a mobile showroom to enable us to bring a little bit of the Forward experience to people around San Francisco and shortly after LA and any other future locations. 

The main goal was to provide a glimpse into the Forward concierge healthcare service to potential members and to build brand awareness. This was the best vehicle (pun intended) for us to show the value of our membership to people throughout each city and cause hype around our upcoming new openings. The showroom houses one custom Body Scanner, interactive touchscreen and retail display. Once deployed, 2 brand ambassadors can guide people through the experience, gather contact information for our marketing campaigns and sign people up for our service on the spot.
Lead Industrial Designer (custom devices and trailer): Alejandra Castelao
Mechanical Engineer (custom devices): Taylor Roan
Construction Coordinator: Dan Malpas
Metal work: Hirschfeld Fabrications
Millwork: Kevin Clarke

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