Showroom Furniture
Furniture designs created while working as the "Special Projects" designer for Esrawe Studio in Mexico City. All new designs were created for an exhibition at the Mexican Gallery of Design in 2009.  Seven new furniture pieces were developed for the event. After a successful exhibition and great coverage from multiple media outlets, the pieces were incorporated to both Pirwi and Esrawe’s showroom catalogs and are currently still being produced and sold.

They each had their own goals and challenges. For the wooden pieces we wanted to create sculptural designs that conveyed movement and that could elevate and portray Pirwi Studio's eco-conscious fabrication capabilities in the best way possible. They play of rhythm, visual weight, repetition and the optimal use of every wooden panel were key. CNC is used for the effortless cutting of each individual part. Traditional millwork and natural glues are then utilized for the assembly and finally each piece is finished with natural oil. For the Vari chaise we used a traditional, Mexican weaving style done with PVC string woven onto a steel structure. This results in a slightly flexible and very comfortable seat.
The Centipede bench was acquired by the High Museum in Atlanta as part of their permanent collection.
Creative Director: Héctor Esrawe
Industrial Designers (furniture & interiors): Alejandra Castelao
Fabrication: Pirwi Studio​​​​​​​

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