Revl Action Cam
The Revl Arc is an action camera with built-in, mechanical stabilization and on-the-go editing capabilities via a proprietary app. This project was part of frog Ventures, the strategic branch of frog design that works with early stage start-ups. The team was able to bring Revl's idea to life by developing everything from a brand new visual identity to hardware design.
The multidisciplinary project included Strategy, Brand, Industrial and Interaction Design efforts to create a new, easier to use and more approachable action camera. I led a team of industrial designers in the short and intense process of bringing a concept to fruition in just over two months. My responsibilities included everything from mentorship to sketching, digital modelling, prototype fabrication, rendering and pitching our work to the client.
The design was meant to set the device apart from the competition by accentuating the rotary stabilization feature through form factor and texture. With a limited real estate, every design decision served a purpose. Even the layout of the internal components went through numerous iterations to keep the overall package as small as possible. The mechanical attachment features were inspired by bayonet mechanisms used in traditional 35mm cameras to provide a fast and intuitive experience. A series of interchangeable, rubber front bumpers are included in the kit so the user can add a little bit of personality to the camera while protecting the most vulnerable part of the camera, the lens. When used in an array, the different colors help identify each camera for the "real time editing" feature on the app.
The project was done over the course of 9 weeks and after a successful Indiegogo campaign, the camera started shipping late 2017.
Creative Director (UX): Roberto Veronese
Lead Industrial Designer: Alejandra Castelao
Industrial Designers: Jon Grossman, Cat Lam
Strategist: Alison Green
Visual Designer: Eli Myers
Interaction Designers: Roberto Veronese (Lead), Kirk Draheim
Mechanical Engineer: Charlie Ambler
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