Sage Oven
Sage is a smart countertop cooking appliance designed for Freescale Semiconductor while working at frog design. It leverages Solid State Frequency (RF) technology paired with convection heating to enable fresh, chef-quality meals with virtually no effort or prep time. The new technology controls when and how much energy is directed into food depending on its molecular content, allowing the user to cook different types of products at the same time to perfection. 
I led a team of 2 junior industrial designers throughout the entire process in collaboration with other disciplines, including Strategy, Visual and UX Design. The main goal was to create a prototype for Freescale Semiconductor so they could showcase their brand new technology to other OEMs to get buy-in for the new microwave technology.
The cylindrical design completely breaks away from the traditional, rectangular form factor. The kitchen countertop real estate is one of the most competitive and crowded areas in a home. The new product needed to stand out from the crowd while also remaining functional. The cylindrical shape also improves the circulation of hot air produced by the addition of convection heat which allows food's surface to be broiled. The door sits on a rotating platform that automatically closes and opens to reveal the finished meal. An interior LED light ring washes the dish in warm light, making the freshly cooked food look its best. A touch of earthy texture is added by the circular slate top. While the appliance has its own app, users can access the settings directly on the device through the matte finish display and cap touch buttons. A stainless steel band splits the body to slim down the visual weight and add a premium detail.
Creative Director: Francois Nguyen
Lead Industrial Designer: Alejandra Castelao
Industrial Designers: Hailey Stewart, Cat Lam
Visual Designer: Constance Smith
Strategist: Dan Chen

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